Indoor Storage Options

-Your Lock, Your Key!
-Accessible 24/7 x 365
-Concrete Floors
-Floor to Ceiling Walls

5′ X 9′
$35 per month

8′ Ceiling Height 45 sq. ft.
Comparable To:
A half closet or half bath
Perfect for:
Residential (Studio or Small 1 Bedroom Apartment)
Business (Office Equipment and other Small Excess Inventory)
10′ X 15′
$60 per month

8′ Ceiling Height 150 sq. ft.
Comparable To:
One Large Bedroom
Perfect for:
Residential (Two or Three Bedrooms, or a Full-Size Apartment)
Business (Three Office Spaces, Boxes, and Large Equipment)
10′ X 20′
$70 per month

8′ Ceiling Height 200 sq. ft.
Comparable To:
One Car Garage
Perfect for:
Residential (Four Bedroom House or Full Garage Items Including One Car/Truck)
Business (Three to Four Office Spaces, Large Boxes, and Large Equipment)
19′ X 22′
$100 per month

420 sq. ft.


Perfect for Vehicles, RV’Sand Boats

Up to 22′ In Length
$25 per month

23′ to 34′ In Length
$30 per month

35′ to 50′ In Length
$50 per month